[Dev] Player Feedback : Mini tutorial – Enemies

This week I shifted most of my attention to player feedback again. Right before the game start you have a little while to explore the level. I added a small tutorial which will try to explain the basics of the game to the player. While the tutorial is being explained, you can run around and get a closer look on the things being explained. The first panel is about the pillars you need to defend; every explained item is also indicated with an arrow if it’s currently off screen or a box indicator when it’s on the screen. The second panel is about the portal, how they work and how they can be closed etc. The third panel is about the UI interface where you can see the number of bombs you have left or the amount of rubble you picked up to repair your church. After that you can choose to explore a bit more or start the game. As the game continues there is a moment where the pillar drops the first rubble piece you can pick up. At that moment, the game will pause and explain the dropped items.

After that I experimented a bit with new enemy types. I put my pyromancer guy a bit to the side and started on a big guy with a shield. He’ll be a fairly tanky guy with lots of armor and a shield which you must destroy first. I wanted to make him an enemy you cannot fight head on but rather one that you have to dodge, then get close and attack. Lastly we thought it was quite annoying you could heal your church but not yoursef so enemies now drop a health orb which will fly to the player.


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