[Dev] Bugfixes, Game Phases & atmosphere.

This week we focused mostly on fixing the remaining bugs, we finally found the cause of that one bug that turned your character into an auto pilot. The bug was caused because we didn’t always lock the cursor on the screen which made your character lose focus of certain inputs. After that I spend some of my time on upgrading our tutorial level. Implemented the new meshes with textures etc. Also, got rid of those ugly tutorial canvasses and placed all the necessary info on the ground like we saw in a tutorial from a wario land game. I also changed the gameplay quite a bit, I split the game up into two phases. The first phase is the attack phase where you try to clear the room from all the enemies. Once that’s done you have fifteen seconds until the next attack phase starts. In those fifteen seconds, you’re in the defend phase which is where you try to close portals or repair your pillars since it’s no longer possible in the attack phase. With this we want to divide the player’s focus into two objectives.
Last week we kind of rushed replacing the enemy meshes with the new ones which caused some funky behaviours from time to time so I cleaned that up as well.
I also started messing around with the atmosphere in our game, since we have a course about particles we might as well put it to good use, right. I created a mist effect to give our church a more doom and gloom effect, next I am going to try and see if i can make a lighting effect. We have most of our gameplay so far, so next up is game balancing.

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